Finding sanctuary in your body is a precious experience, which is vital for wellbeing and intuitive connection to yourself. It isn’t always easy to attain because our heads are full of ‘doing’ and our environments are full of the evidence of all the doing! I’m suggesting that if you wish to, in quite a short time, it’s possible to create a space where you can find sanctuary in your body. I offer below some practical tips for creating the environment that supports this.

Do you have a place in your home or elsewhere, with space enough to lie on the floor or on a soft surface? Can you take short periods of uninterrupted time here? do you want to create this for yourself?

In my room, I have some furniture and quite a lot of ‘things’! But I have a patch of floor (left) about 1.5 x 2 m area, with a special rug that I can lie down on and roll to left and right. This is also enough space to stand, sit and feel my whole body able to move. I sometimes need to clear the floor to make this possible, but now, mainly I keep it clear, storing my things elsewhere to keep it open, which helps me keep my mind open also! Over time, and because I require this space for my self-care practice, I have validated and prioritised clearing this space for me to connect to myself. It started with a wish… and changing a habit takes time. Once you have your space, you can keep developing and cultivating it as you and your needs change over time.

Are you ready?! What does your body tell you? Is there a softening and an opening in your muscles and breath? Does your energy feel uplifted or expansive? Is there any resistance or tension? Maybe it’s useful to write something down about why and why not you can then start to work it out. Notice your body’s responses and use these as guidance.

With what you have, let your body show you what you would like to create and where? Maybe it’s time to start maybe even clearing the floor space you’d like to use, and plan how it might be used flexibly if you need to, like I do. Can you close the door to the world outside? Do you need natural light? Do you want soft surfaces and a blanket nearby? Cushions? A colour to attract you in?

Take time now to visualise and feel into what you would like your space to be like. Bless your wish and your body for guiding you toward this vision. If you want to receive more posts like this, direct to your email inbox, please subscribe below. Thank you!

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