Support to Feel truly at home in your body

Whether you seek therapy or you want to learn more about embodiment, you are warmly welcome here.

I’m Mari, an integrative embodied therapist and registered somatic educator. I would love to work with you toward a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with your body, so you can feel more confident, trusting and intuitively at home in yourself, whatever is going on within and around you.

Explore how I can help you:

Individual Support

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Embodiment Groups

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Embodied Blog

I share from the roots and source of my practice as audio and video invitations to connect with your living body experience and apply embodied practice to your everyday life.

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Here I share opportunities to work with me as an embodied therapist, coach, group facilitator and soulful enquirer into all things body, nature and relationship. Please do get in touch with any queries or comments!

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