Give yourself a couple of minutes before and after to get settled and enjoy the aftereffects!

Our bodies are designed to be nurtured with touch, yet the scope and value of the tactile sense is so misunderstood in our touch-phobic culture, that most of us might not give it much thought or time. It might be that you only receive our own touch in order to ease discomfort, for example if you injure yourself or feel an irritation. Less often, you might touch your body to soothe or enliven your nervous system, for example stroking or rubbing the skin, or squeezing your limbs. You might also recognise the need to touch and be touched in order to connect your body to your environment and to people in your life. But how much do enjoy this tactile sense and allow it to nourish you in your life?

In this audio recording, I’m guiding you through a 3 layered touch experience with your own hands, starting with the surface skin, deepening into the soft tissues underneath and then into the bones.

This is an exercise in receiving your own touch as well as giving it, feeling what you feel not only in your hands, but in your whole body at each level. I hope you will enjoy it and take longer than the length of the recording because you are enjoying it so much! You can repeat this many times and each time it will be different and still nourishing. As with all of the practices I am offering you a simple way to enjoy your own body and discover your embodied knowing about what you like and need.

If you like this approach to touch, and want to develop your own experience and practice, you might be interested to contact me for one or more embodied coaching sessions. There are often barriers in the way of deeper self-connection and I can support you to use this technique to connect in other areas of the body, settling more inwards and gaining more confidence in your awareness deeper in.

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