Click the white arrow above left to play the recording. The idea is if you feel into your bones, your muscles can relax a little where they need to and you won’t fall over because your body knows how to keep you in balance if you let it show you! Try this short meditation to raise your awareness of this amazingly smart body you have, whilst giving yourself a breather and refresher in the midst of everything. Maybe you’ll imagine you’re on the beach – or in my yurt! 






If you enjoyed this meditation, you might like to try applying this approach to other postures you regularly find yourself in, like sitting at a desk or table, to see if your body will show you new ways to align yourself or distribute your weight so that you don’t sit for long periods in one way and strain certain muscles whilst not using others.  You can sign up (using the subscribe box below) for regular posts from my blog, which includes written pieces, video and audio samples of the way I guide embodiment.

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