Simple self care is a revolution slowly happening in the over-stretched mentally identified, burning out ‘Western’ culture.

My blog posts are aiming to offer small ways to join this revolution and here, I’m making it really simple!

Would you like to take a quick break now? What is your normal break-time pursuit? Maybe, like me, you normally try to do stuff in your breaks which is about catching up on personal needs and life? Which means meeting overridden needs like checking social media! following up communications… topping up the food/drink consumption, discharging stress with exercise… thinking thinking thinking… These habits are endemic to my life in a culture which likes to tell us what we need but doesn’t place value on us taking time to connect to our deeper personal needs!

I’m always looking to tempt myself and others into a deeper self connection before I do any of them… would you like to join me in this personal revolution? At least, once?!

How about next time you take a break, first click on this image (right) to get the picture! Then try putting your hands on your body and taking a few breaths… Next give some attention to your body’s inner sensations to show you how you are? And then the choice is yours and you can bring this bodymind awareness into the choice you make about what you need in your break.

Change doesn’t have to be a big effort… each breath is an opportunity for the soft revolution!

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