Resting your eyes? How often do you remember that your eyes are hinged on muscles, small ones that we work to the max most days! When we focus, look at our screens, read small print, search the horizon, drive, it’s working these muscles, like now! They barely get a rest until we sleep and even trying to get to sleep might be a challenge during stressful times, as our eyes work alongside our speedy thoughts. So in a minute I’m going to invite you to stop reading and look away from the screen. If you get headaches or other symptoms of stress, this may help, if you can practice soft eyes regularly. We need to take more breaks and I’ve recorded a short audio piece to help you settle into your own receptive wisdom, your capacity to rest with what you see and be less focused. Notice what this state can bring you in terms of your feeling connection to yourself inside and also to your imaginative creative self.

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