The map is not the territory… Many of us may have been over-reliant on maps to make sense of our body’s physical and energy experiences.
So what really happens when you feel or get lost using these maps?
Your sensate body wants you to move, make contact, sound and find yourself again!
Moving Off The Map is an invitation to explore your experience, facilitated by me and Laura Francis – a fellow dramatherapist and Nature explorer – in a small supportive group, and reconnect with your innate nature and sensate body realities.
We will enquire individually and share together:
Where might you go if you touch, smell, taste, see and hear your way into moments of meeting nature?
How is it then to return and meet your own body again, as part of nature, in this way?
How might you language your journey through mark-making, sounds, words, sharing?
If you are looking for creative ways to explore your embodied self as nature, in nature, if you are curious, come join us.
Where: Garden studio in Stroud
Cost: £40.00 (Earlybird £35 til 12 November)
Contact me to enquire and to book your spot (max group size 10)

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