Human Egg from Lennart Nilsson’s ‘A Child Is Born’.

We began as a single cell with homeostatic functions for energy consumption, waste clearing, immunity and growth. Then we became ever more complex organisms! The essential functions of this cell got more complex, diverse and fascinating as we developed into our full human form with cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, immune, endocrine and nervous system diversification, which are all about the homeostatic balance of wellbeing… which began in the cell.

It’s that simple and that complicated: unless we can consciously receive and respond to signals from our instinctual and homeostatic functions, the tendancy is to loose sight of how we can support our natural internal balancing process: we override signals from our nervous system that we need to rest or breathe more deeply, or from our digestive system to eat / drink differently to support the balancing of our physical body and biochemistry. So when we experience imbalance and upset of these systems, it can be deeply restorative, to go back to this simple place of being, as a witness.

To simply witness and allow with regular ‘tuning in’ time, turning our focus from outward to inward, we can begin to notice more details about the internal signals, find familiarity with a bigger range of communications from our bodies and learn what they are guiding us to do. This helps us be in a process of regaining balance in our health and wellbeing.

Ways to connect and allow this homeostatic process to happen can be mindfulness combined with curiosity about your body’s physical composition; finding opportunities to relax deeply into your body and move with the intention of supporting your body into ease, pleasure, sensuous feeling and expression of your internal feelings. Maybe you can notice all the ways you don’t allow this for yourself in your everyday life, and maybe find small moments to begin or give more time to being this way with yourself.

You are welcome to try one of my classes which support this intention of returning to this deep embodied connection, to witness, to allow and to integrate our bodymind back into everyday life.

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