I love lying on the floor, but I know ‘most people’ don’t necessarily do this and who can blame them if most floors look something like this (right)? In order to see what’s been written out there in the mainstream, I just googled ‘benefits of lying on the floor’. I’ve been exploring and experiencing the benefits of flooring myself for some while now, training in body awareness, self-care and somatic wellbeing. I’ve learnt to really, really value clean, clear ones! The articles I found on google match my experience and highlight the forgotten truths about how much time we are conditioned into spending in fixed positions and movement habits: sat in chairs at tables, standing, walking etc, all about being upright, goal-oriented and focused on external awarness. Our work and home environments are made to keep us off the often dirty or unpleasant to touch floor spaces. I realised how few and far between are the purpose-built floor spaces where not only sho’d feet dare touch and rest upon them.

So, how is it in your home? I posted a few months back about clearing and creating a dedicated patch of floor in your home where you can freely and comfortably lie, spread out and roll side to side. Here’s another little nudge of encouragement! Maybe you want to invest in a blanket which covers the space you need, which you can unfurl and offers you a texture to lie on which delights you!

Give your body a treat and let it show you how much pleasure can be found when you make the conditions right for you to follow the pull of gravity, rest onto the floor’s firm surface and take some time out to be another kind of creature; a kind that rolls, stretches, rests still and connects to its inner senses… just for 5 minutes if that’s all you can give it. Enjoy!

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