Embodied therapy

Just because no-one else can heal or do your inner work for you,
it doesn’t mean you should do it alone – Lisa Olivera


It’s not easy living in a sensitive body in this world. If you are seeking help, then I’m glad you have found your way here and hope you will get in touch for an initial chat.

Often my clients are suffering from Trauma, Grief & Loss and many have Chronic Health conditions, so these are my specialisms. On the surface, anxiety and depression are the signals that you may need support. You do not need to tick these boxes to work with me, and I see many people burdened with other issues in themselves, in relationship or lifestyle.

In therapy with me, you will develop a resourcing relationship with your body and mind, and gradually gain a new sense of possibilities from a deeper belonging in your own body as you are. From this place, you will feel more confidence in the guidance of your body senses – your embodied authority – to help you choose how you live your life. 

Please contact me for a free 20 minute consultation phone call if you feel I could support you at this time. Individual sessions can happen in-person or online/telephone and are £60 per 60 minutes.

Embodied Therapies:


Living in trauma states can be terrifying, exhausting and confusing. Click to find out how I can support you to find stability, connection and restore your relationship to yourself and others.


Grief & Loss

It is natural to feel grief but there is often complexity around loss itself and the fear of losing what we love and need. Click to read more and contact me if I can support you with your grief at this time.


Eating Distress & Chronic Health

Eating distress and chronic health problems can play havoc with everyday living. Click here to read how embodied therapy could support you to find healthy ways to relate with your health and your eating.

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