Please email me to confirm interest.

Monthly meetups: Sunday evening @ 4-7pm – £30-60 per session at Octoportal, Park Road, Stroud with proceeds supporting local coliberation projects. We will start when we are ready (when six folks sign up).

A monthly space over six months to come together as a ‘closed group’ for up to 6 people racialised as ‘white’ who seek company and support to recognise what ‘whiteness’ is as a ‘system’ of domination and dehumanisation which we can begin to see, feel and work with. We will begin when we are ready and create new experiences to help us prevent harm and repair through the ways we remember our interconnection and interdependence in the wider web of life. Here is a piece I wrote about my relationship awakening into this enquiry and what it means to me.

The enquiry involves examining how our humanity is shut down by a dependency on social privileges. We can grapple with this together, noticing how we may automatically tend to disempower ourselves and each other and we will each be exploring the themes which matter to us and co-learning from and with each other. I will offer a framework for a group container which can hope to mitigate and guide us in this ‘grappling’.

Each session we will practice various ways to embody resource and healing connection to each other and our wider living systems to enable us to dig deeper and repattern our systemically conditioned selves. I will also recommend reading and podcasts which have helped me learn perspectives from people marginalised by racism, ablism, heteronormativity and capitalist patriarchy generally. I will also welcome your discoveries, learning tools and curiosity as resource for the group. The aim is to soften edges of fear and shame to enable us to access a wider more curious heartful space within us to meet the unconscious and conscious reasons why we might turn away from this enquiry.

To embark on this 6 month commitment, you will need to feel passionate about your own healing as a vital role in rebalancing the systemic inequities imposed by a toxic blend of patriarchy, colonialism and capitalism which infuses every aspect in our world and your community. You will need to be able to attend a 3 hour monthly Sunday afternoon meetup.

This decolonising work pervades all areas of life and you need to be ready to experience and allow yourself to change fundamentally. The rewards are deeper interconnection to life and truth in yourself and how you share this precious life with others.

Please email me with enquiries and to arrange a time to chat and confirm your interest.

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