I’ve discovered over years that trees can be wonderful companions to me in the ups and downs as well as the flat times in my life. The times I’ve spent in connection with them have usually been wordless, and often times my body senses and emotions become more vivid and energised.

Perhaps it is the biochemical atmosphere around trees which nourishes and supports our breath and vitality and feels conducive to softening and energising our bodies. Do you ever wonder what your exhaled breath offers to trees and plant-life around you?

I feel also that there is something directly communicated between my skin and the skin of a tree through contact with my hand or arm, and that this communication evokes movement in my body and emotional expression – often subtly and with time. Leaning my spine against the trunk of a tree brings my attention to my muscles and energy levels. I don’t think much when I’m with trees, often receiving a sense that I don’t need to be any particular way and am welcome as I am. I often revisit the same trees, wondering if they recognise me as I recognise them. It’s a wonderful mystery that I’m exploring!

I hope you’ll find the audio guidance helpful to you if you are doing this for the first time, or if you value a structure for finding connection to your own senses. If you are experienced in being with trees, this audio might just offer you another perspective which is very much focused on body senses as a channel for receiving and giving connection to trees. Enjoy!

If you’re interested in developing your relationship with Nature as a two-way process, contact me to arrange a chat about how I can help you as an individual or in holding a Nature immersion group.

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