This exercise is good for letting go of thinking about outside issues, particularly if you caught up in thinking, finding it hard to let go. It also gives you a sense of how breathing differently influences how alert or relaxed you feel in yourself. The structure I offer switches the method of breathing regularly. This helps you come into the moment immediately to notice the sensations caused by inhaling and exhaling. Take time to feel your connection to the ground and your heart before you start the video.

In the video I am describing and modelling one round of the exercise. You may wish to repeat this exercise or adapt it by repeating more rounds of one of the methods. Notice how it affects your relationship with your breath, your mind and the balance of relaxation or alertness in your nervous system.

As usual, if you feel pain or resistence to any of the methods – please listen to your instincts. Ask yourself if this is indicating you should stop, slow down with the exercise or come back to your normal way of breathing. I encourage you to notice insights from your body which may arise during the exercise or afterwards, in relation to your health and wellbeing. If you feel you may benefit from a session with me to explore any symptoms or insights, please contact me for a free 20 minute phone consultation and we can discuss your needs.

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