I’m offering this embodied contact class with solo and partner practice to deepen the experiences of contact, boundaries, embodied consent and deep tissue nourishment. Please do get in touch to book on.

Forthcoming dates:
Friday 19th April 4.30-6.30pm
Friday 26th April 4.30-6.30pm
Cost per session: £10-20 sliding scale.

Min number of participants 4; max number of participants 6 per session.

The contact experience that I will facilitate is 2/3 solo embodied contact exploration (floor, breath, walls, soft props) and 1/3 of session is partner practice of embodied listening and responding in guided contact practice. This is an opportunity to develop your embodied listening capacity which is supportive for any contact movement practice, and you can choose how much or little you engage in the partner practice.

This practice may interest you if you are looking for a next layer deeper into your embodiment practice. You might be a dancer or yogi with well developed proprioception, a somatic movement practitioner or student who has developed some of their interior senses of self, boundaries, capacity for interpersonal contact; you might be a contact improvisation pro but you want to slow down and investigate nuances of contact beyond the dance. This is a call to those who want to explore embodied contact and resource, attunement and relating at their edges in a very resourcing and gentle way with others. There is potential for this practice to evolve but so far, this is the format and I welcome any questions or suggestions along the way. Please do contact me to enquire.

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