An image from my bodymind as I lay on the grass beneath a cedar tree in late afternoon sunshine last summer…

Bodymind Basics: An Introduction to Bodymind Journeys and deepening as a Practice.
Begin or continue deepening in a foundational practice to support your own unique connection to your body’s sensory intelligence and wisdom in everyday life?
2.30-6pm on Saturday 16th March 2024
Garden Studio in Central Stroud.
£25-50 sliding scale (1 concession space available £0-25).

A great opportunity to come back to basics and/or experience and find yourself for the first time in a profound, Integrative Bodymind Journey practice. My approach is inspired by my own experiences of teachings by Linda Hartley and the school of BodyMind Centering® which uses wholistic body / energy / systemic approaches from Asian and European science and psychology modalities. My perspectives have developed from 10 years of offering bodymind journeys as a dynamic, layered, relational context for learning and meaning-making in real-time alongside trauma-informed therapy training. As such, I recognise and hold space for everybody’s unique experience, which we share and learn together. I recognise I have limits to what I can hold for individuals to feel safe within a group, however I can explore this explicitly with you if you enquire and if you are unsure we can discuss this ahead of joining. My facilitation is informed by my perspectives and the growing edges with the humans who show up and inform each other in context. I believe this way of relational learning is an important resource for these times. You can read more here 

You will:
-learn the background context for the practice
-be guided to meet yourself from the perspective of your bodymind intelligence through practising some bodymind journeys
-be supported to make sense of your experiences and glean your own innate wisdom
-find resources and meet challenges in safety and relationship to your personal context
-meet other people in this enquiry, which can be supportive and inspiring

Next step: please contact me to book on. Max number 6 people. Payment confirms your space.

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