Body Mind Movement Journeys with Mari – Contact me to book
4 Tuesday evenings from 21 November – 12 December 2023 inclusive.A weekly 2 hour retreat from our disembodied culture… a facilitated space to connect within your primary physical home on this Earth: your own body mind. This class may tempt you if you seek a practice for more ‘inner’ connection to yourself and your body. Also if you are a mover or dancer the class can help you to slow down, sense and integrate more subtle intelligence in your body. You may also be drawn if you know you want to live and learn more in your body intelligence but struggle to make time and space to connect to your body and health in meaningful ways.

Time: 6.45-8.45pm
Cost: Gift economy £5-20.00 for the session to cover venue and creation costs. (Max group size 6 people.)
Venue: a private movement studio in central Stroud
About: In part guided meditation to open your connection with your body; in part your own emergent movement time guided by your attunement to sensation, sometimes with music. Over a series of sessions, Mari guides you through diverse physiological pathways within your nervous system via physiological structures, fluid and energy movement to sense and express from your bodymind. Each particular pathway leads you ‘home’ in very unique yet interconnected qualities of Being and Knowing.

Body Mind Movement Journeys are designed and informed by my experience of facilitating embodiment groups, are trauma informed and inspired by Linda Hartley’s integrative body and movement therapy. I welcome and hold space for difference within a shared context of experience in your body and believe that our differences when shared enrich us all. I’m happy to share more about this and any aspect of the classes if you enquire.

Contact me to book

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