Witnessing Your Intelligent Body

A gift in words from a participant on this closed series group:

Witnessing our intelligent body. Somatic Movement with Mari Winkelman

A short review by Katie Lloyd Nunn, participant on the May 2014 course:

At the beginning of our six weeks together, I had a broken wrist and hand in plaster, feeling incredibly fragile having been knocked off my usual confident perch.

A turning point came in the first session when we worked with proprioception (sensing in oneself) and the simple, natural movement of joints and bones. I began to find my ground again.

Exploring the concepts of cell, membrane and visceral interiority opened up a rich, juicy universe of life, healing and calm curiosity. This supported my return to teaching a weekly yoga class after the injury.

As we explored witnessing, I felt empathy flowering and a dove-like sense of safety landing in the group space.

In our last session, touch was introduced. Like everything in Mari’s work the invitation was clear and exquisitely, spaciously timed. Sensing, receiving, approaching or listening with just a hand or toes was delicately moving. To make contact in this way touches the very cells of the emotional heart, without attachment. And then, to let go, with lightness and appreciation.

It has been a joy to share this absorbing journey with others who resonate with this work and choose to make it an integral part of their daily life and spiritual practice. Each session was well-paced with time to reflect on the process by means of verbal sharing, drawing, dreaming. It’s blessing to inhabit the beautiful energy of Frankie’s Yoga Space in these spring evenings among the gardens and trees above the stream.

Key words are: subtle, modest, clear, accurate, kind, considered, respectful, expansive, dedicated, encouraging, intelligent and presence.

 Thank you to Mari and my companions [other participants]

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