Embodied Guide

Our inner guidance comes to us through our feelings and body wisdom first, not through intellectual understanding” – Christiane Northrup

What if your own body could be your guide to help you not only dream, but manifest your dreams in your life? Scroll down for details of sessions and packages to set you on this course!

Embodied Guide sessions will bring the focus back to you and give you a space to feel supported to discover your own ways of connecting to your body wisdom, and to imagine, dream and receive a sense of the possibilities.

As your embodied guide, I connect you back to your own inner wisdom, to recognise what resources and regenerative activities and relationships you need in your life. From this awareness, your natural vitality and creativity will return to you, inspire you and guide you!

So, maybe it’s time to create a space for your needs and accept some help? Read about some options below and contact me for a free initial 20 minute conversation with no strings attached. Individual sessions can happen in-person or online video call and are £80 per 60 minutes. 


One-off or regular Embodied Guide sessions  

Bring whatever you are curious to explore and embody more in your life. I’ll be alongside you and helping you hold your focus where it needs to be:

– clarifying your questions
– guiding you to connect to your internal senses
– receiving and understanding your body’s signals
– encouraging your creative imagination and integrating meaning into action

You can choose how far you want to go, from one to any number of regular sessions that support you with your unique intentions and goals.


Packages with specific focus, tailored to your unique needs 

Smart Body: Focus and learn from proprioception and interoception. Take away a new vocabulary and practices that you can use to enhance your movement, understand what is intuition and instinct, and attunement with your body’s ways of communicating with you. 3 sessions for £250.00  

Confidence with challenge: Learn about and familiarise yourself with your unique ‘fight, flight, freeze’ patterns. Understand the how the anatomy of fear and anxiety joins up with confidence and excitement and how to relate with your own physical/emotional/mental experiences in mindful, relational and empowering ways. You really can change your relationship with fear and anxiety to be able to meet the challenges with confidence in your choices. 6 sessions for £500.00 

Do both packages Smart Body and Confidence with Challenge discounted 10% to £630.00 if paid up front.  

Contact me for a free 20 minute initial chat, prior to arranging a session.








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